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At Deepdale Engineering we are always looking for a challenge, and what better way to test our skills than the restoration of historic vehicles and machinery.

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Deepdale Heritage Journal

Previous Heritage Projects

Building a replica of the world's first motor car

A Black Country engineering company has come to the rescue during the televised restoration of a 1931 Sentinel Steam Lorry.

Salvage Squad Image

Channel 4's Salvage Squad team found the chassis looking forlorn and the worst for wear, surrounded by a multitude of old parts. Their mission was to restore the once mighty steam lorry to it's former glory.

Owners Edward and Andrew Goddard's family run business Morris Lubricants of Shrewsbury, had used these vehicles until the Second World War and were keen to see a piece of our transport heritage brought back to life.

Salvage Squad Image

The heart of the vehicle is the boiler, when the team's steam specialist Andy Melrose inspected it he had to report bad news - the outer jacket was beyond repair. It would take very special skills to make a new one as no one had even attempted it since the middle of the last century. Was this the end for the Sentinel? or could someone come to the rescue?

The answer was found deep in the heart of the Black Country, Deepdale Engineering in Dudley have gained quite a reputation in the restoration business for their quality and skill, which has seen them work on projects from tall ships to steam locomotives.

Chairman of Deepdale, David Nock, points out "there are plenty of companies out there that can produce a tube from sheet steel, but very few that can produce to within the tolerances required for projects like this". He went onto to say "we enjoy being involved in restoration work, our employees' skills are world renowned and matched only by their enthusiasm".

As promised, the steam boiler jacket cylinder was millimetre perfect, refitted to the Sentinel chassis and the project completed. The Sentinel's boiler was brought up to pressure and she ran like a dream. David commented "there is always a good feeling when you see a piece of history brought back to life, and Deepdale Engineering are proud to be a part of it".

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Building a replica of the world's first motor car

By developing high pressure steam against the advice of men like James Watt, Richard Trevithick (the captain of a Cornish tin mine) was working with an unknown, unseen force that could have killed him at any time.

His confidence in high pressure steam provided the world with compact, self contained engines which he demonstrated as the motive power on road, rail and the high seas.

In 1996 The Trevithick Society, a registered charity, embarked upon a project to build a replica of one of Trevithick’s most important inventions – the World’s first motor car.

Trevithick built and operated the original of this replica to carry passengers on Christmas eve, 1801. His short journey took him up Camborne Hill in Cornwall, where the replica also followed in its footsteps 200 years later. He went on to create among other things a locomotive running on rails a quarter of a century before Stephenson’s ‘Rocket’.

First Motor Car Pictures
First Motor Car Pictures

With the help of grants and donations from many sources, over thirty companies were asked to work on different parts of the project. As much as possible was undertaken locally, but when it came to the precision and expertise needed to create a working boiler system, the society looked to Dudley in the West Midlands.

Heart of the beast, from the heart of the Black Country

When the Trevithick project team needed a company to faithfully recreate the vital steam boiler, they naturally contacted Deepdale. We have the specialist skills and equipment to reproduce every aspect of the original design, whilst bearing in mind modern safety regulations.

As usual at Deepdale we were delighted to be asked about contributing to such an ambitious and worthwhile project and our enthusiastic team helped bring the rebuilding of the replica to fruition.

Deepdale get all ship shape for 'Tenacious'

‘Making an impact as she sailed into Jersey this morning on her maiden voyage from Southampton was the Jubilee Trust ship, Tenacious.’ reported the Jersey Evening Post – front page, 4th September 2000.

An impressive sight indeed, a fully rigged £1m tall ship. It is ironic that Deepdale are in a completely landlocked county, but that did not matter to the Jubilee Trust, they knew that it would take a very special piece of craftsmanship to roll the oval sectioned mast and we were only too pleased to oblige.

Ship called 'Tenacious'
The Main A-traction!

Yes, Deepdale have added yet another steam restoration project to their list.

We have recently supplied a new boiler and fire box to allow F and L Dockray to get the 'Robin Hood', shown right, back to it's original pristine condition.


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